We have world-class best out-of-best towels manufacturing partners who are global players and supply to globally renowned brands. Our partners are best of the best vertically integrated manufacturers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China who are the chosen manufacturers by top brands in the world. We can supply a complete range of towels starting from commercial to deluxe luxury.

Certifications and Quality Range

  • 100% Cotton
  • Recycled Cotton + Recycled Poly ( 80-20)
  • Recycled Cotton + Virgin cotton ( upto 51% for GRS labelling)  
  • Bamboo Towels 
  • Organic Cotton
  • BCI Cotton
  • Jacquard towels
  • Digital printed beach towels
  • Vat dyed towels 
  • Non-terry towels
  • Open End
  • 1ply Carded
  • 2ply Carded 
  • 1ply Combed
  • 2ply Combed 
  • Zero Twist