Risk Management

We trade with you in AUD/NZD to protect your rights and mitigate the risk for you

  • We will trade with you in AUD under Australian consumer laws so that your rights are protected.
  • We perform due diligence on our manufacturing partners before presenting to you which includes on-site visits, and a thorough check on their trading history.
  • We will write a contract document on the product specifications, compliance requirements, costs, logistics, QC/QA checks, certificate of guarantees/warranties and return/recalls.
  • We will give complete details of materials, production processes, challenges( if any), specifications and take your approvals before starting the production. Any changes will be notified in advance followed by the approval process.
  • We will perform a on-site post-production inspection and submit a quality control report coming from a globally recognised QC team.
  • We will submit all necessary certifications for any further approval processes.
  • We will make sure the goods are as per the arriving country specifications so that we have a smooth customs clearance process.