Raw Material Procurement

Effective management of raw materials determines your end product quality

Product manufacturers are different to raw material suppliers/manufacturers. Product manufacturers have to buy raw materials to produce the end product.  Souring the right raw material is a very important stage in production.  Every raw material manufacturer/supplier is unique in what they are doing and the prices differ depending on various factors. Your end product price is determined by the raw material cost so it’s crucial to understand the usage, specifications, and applications of the end product, which will determine the quality of the raw material to be procured. Some of the factors which are considered while procuring raw materials are

  • Product usage/applications
  • Quantity
  • Level of treatment
  • Wastage
  • Certifications
  •  Testing parameters

Depending on the end product quality, product applications, certifications and prices, we choose the right raw material supplier which allows us to meet your end goals.

Raw material procurement for imports India, Pakistan, Bangladesh China