Quality Analysis and Quality Control

World-class international standard 4-step quality control

  • Incoming Quality Control ( IQC) : This is the first stage of quality control. At this stage, we inspect the quality of the raw material purchased for production. Manufacturers rely on third-party suppliers/producers for raw materials. It’s important to make sure the raw materials are procured as per the standards and meet the requirements.
  • In-Process Quality Control ( IPQC): The purpose of this stage is to monitor or adapt to the different manufacturing processes to make sure the end product meets the specifications. The adaption process may involve changing the machinery, replacing the existing workforce with more skilled staff or even raw material.
  • Final Quality Control ( FQC) : The final product is being inspected to make sure the end product meets all requirements, standards and specifications. We will randomly test the products from the whole batch and generate a lab report, if required.
  • Outgoing Quality Control ( OQC): The last stage of Quality control is make sure that the packing of the goods is done in most secure way and as per the requirements. This process involves checking the labels, stickers, cardboard package and packing list. It also involves fumigation of the packaging (if required), making sure the goods are being handled carefully during packing and loading.
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