Product design/ Sampling

Bringing life to your ideas.

This is the second stage of production. Be it developing a sample or working on new product development which needs a patent approval, we got you covered. Our team of qualified engineers is known to bring life to new innovations. Our team has decades of experience in manufacturing and technology and we are engineers.


  • We are a team of qualified engineers with Master’s Degrees and experience in various fields of production, manufacturing, construction, civil, mechanical, electronics and project management.
  • We use complex simulation software to design and develop new products including prototypes or 3d modeling
  • We love to innovate and bring your idea into reality.
  • We brainstorm on your idea and work with manufacturers & raw material suppliers on the possibilities of designing the prototype which meets the end goal.  This gives our customers a realistic overview.
  • Our state of art reverse engineering process will help us to reduce your production cost up to 30%.
  • We will provide you with samples from various manufacturers from various countries and give you multiple options to choose from.
  • Our production will start only after the sample approval.
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Talk to us if you are looking for standard approvals (AS/NZ, ISO, CE) or patents for your product.