Our Team

We are a highly qualified team of Engineers in various fields and entrepreneurs in different business verticals.

Team Australia


MSc in Power and Control Engineering (LJMU)

  • Founder of Useready- Aus
  • Co-Founder of Angel’s Hair Extensions- Aus
  • Founder of RAS Enterprises- India (Supply chain Management, recycling )
  • Co-Founder of We Are Alive – India (Night Life and Mass Media)

8 years experience in sourcing raw materials across the globe and supplying to processing/manufacturing/production industries. 5 years experience in ICT, cloud, digital automation.

Tarn Layton

(Electrical Engineer)

  • Co-founder of Aprscas (Aus)

15 years experience in handling sub-contracts for builders/developers and Government subsidiaries in electrical, engineering and road and civil construction industries.

Harshitha Maddela

Masters in Information Communication Technology (Latrobe University)

  • Co-founder of Useready – Aus
  • Founder of Angel’s Hair Extensions- Aus ( Hair and Beauty)

4 years experience in Information and communication technology


Bachelor of Commerce(University of Wollongong)

  • Founder of Sydney Car Rentals (Aus).

Successful entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience in managing multiple business operations.


MS in Computer Science

Team India

Ajay Vanga

Bachelors in Mechanical engineering

  • Founder of Trade Pro (India)
  • Founder of Ashiya Foundation
  • Co-founder of We Are Alive (India).

11 years experience in Production, Manufacturing, QC/QA and Piping.


Bachelors in Mechanical engineering

5 years experience in QC/QA, Supply Chain and Product Sourcing.


Bachelors in Mechanical engineering

10 years experience in QC/QA, Supply chain and Product sourcing


Bachelors in Mechanical engineering

13 years experience in Production, Manufacturing and QC/QA