Detailing, experience and perfection is the only key

Some of the challenges

If you don’t have experience with manufacturing, it’s very easy to miss key details and not give attention to details and specifications can turn out to be an expensive mistake. A small detailing can cause the whole production to fail the approval process which results in re-production which will cost you thousands of dollars.

  • Manufacturers do not take anything into assumption. They only work as per the instructions
  • Due to language barriers,  it’s easy to misinterpret the information which can happen from both sides
  • Unless you have experience in manufacturing and understand the engineering process, its hard to work with manufacturers on new product development.
  • Without experience in manufacturing, its easy to miss details/specifications which results in total product failure. Its the buyer to be blamed in their ability to give attention to all details.
  • Qualified manufacturers are bad at marketing themselves so it’s hard to find them online.
  • Most importers end up dealing with traders instead of manufacturers and end up paying more.
Our solution

We have our team in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Indonesia to do ground research in finding the right manufacturer for you.

  • We will assess your requirements and give professional recommendations and guidance.
  • We will choose the best country and manufacturer depending on your requirements. You will have options to choose from.
  • Ground-level research including on-site inspection, Quality inspection is done by us on behalf of you.
  • We will perform hands-on negotiations on your behalf.
  • Our country-specific are experienced in dealing with manufacturers which will eliminate all kinds of language barriers and mitigate the risk.
  • Because we are locally situated in different countries, we can handle a multi-level supply chain process. This process will be extremely helpful when we need multiple by-products from different manufacturers to make the final product.
Manufacturing in India, Pakistan, China Bangladesh
Partnered with top global manufacturers who can’t be found on listing sites

Finding a qualified manufacturer who can meet all your requirements is like finding a needle in a haystack. Globally renowned top manufacturers are often booked out around the year by huge corporates/ importers so they don’t spend time in marketing themselves. Small manufacturers or traders are the ones who look for new clients and they often outsource the production to top manufacturers. The result is you pay more.

We are partnered with globally renowned manufacturers who supply to global brands. You will get the best out of best from us.

  • With a combined experience of 80 years in the industry, our manufacturer’s database is beyond the reach of the listing sites.
  • Our partners are award-winning and renowned manufacturers for their innovation and ethical manufacturing practices.
  • Our manufacturers meet global standards and practice sustainable production processes.
  • Not only our manufacturers export their products globally but also supply to global renowned brands.